R Pressure (Hand) / Compression Sprayer (TF-02E)
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R Pressure (Hand) / Compression Sprayer (TF-02E)

  • 100000/Month
  • Standard Carton
  • L/C, T/T
  • TF-02E
  • 53*52*36cm
  • CCC&CE
  • PE
  • Brass
  • 2l
  • Taizhou, China
  • Pressure
  • Hand Compression
  • Plastic
  • Pressure
  • 2L
  • 20PCS/Box
Product Description
Air Pressure sprayer/Hand Sprayer (TF-02E)

Special Features

*Materials: PE bottle and brass nozzle


* With printed logos or designs

* OEM orders are welcome
* Packaging:

· Quantity:20 piece/carton

· Carton size: 53*52*36CM

Specifications/More details

  • Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

  • Passed CCC and CE certification.

  • Professional minu pressure sprayer with a capacity of 2L.

  • Thumb-operated on and off .

  • Auto pressure release valve,widen pump handle.

  • The robust pump reaches the required operating pressure after just a few strokes.

  • The high-quality nozzle is adjustable from a direct jet to the finest mist.

  • Warranty

  • Satisfied Price

R Pressure (Hand) / Compression Sprayer (TF-02E)
Export Markets:


*The America


*Middle East

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R Pressure (Hand) / Compression Sprayer (TF-02E)
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R Pressure (Hand) / Compression Sprayer (TF-02E)

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